Cui Yu Oolong - Morning Dew No.1
  • Cui Yu Oolong - Morning Dew No.1

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    Leichter Oolong aus Zentral-Taiwan. Anbauhöhe um 400m. 

    Frisch blumige in der Nase, angenehme Frische im Gaumen und leicht cremigem Mundgefühl.

    Kann sowohl heiß als auch kalt genossen werden.



    This natural-processed coffee placed fifth in Brazil’s Cup of Excellence competition

    José Renato’s stunning single origin came to us through Brazil’s Cup of Excellence (COE) auction. For industry insiders, there is no event more prestigious than the annual COE competition, when many of the world’s top coffee-producing countries award the producers of the best single origins of that year. Jose’s natural-processed coffee placed fifth, and with such deep maple sweetness and full-bodied texture, we understand why.

    As the world’s largest exporter of coffee, Brazil is known for comforting, full-bodied coffees made at industrial scale. With notes of black cherry, maple syrup, and nectarine, this intensely aromatic Exceedingly Rare selection offers a different version of Brazilian coffee that is nothing short of extraordinary. It showcases the sublime potential of coffee from this South American powerhouse.

    Such high quality has everything to do with producer José Renato, who took over his father’s estate in 2014. He and his wife, Tainã, decided to invest in production methods, including handpicking the harvest—a rarity even among specialty coffee farmers in Brazil. Today Chácara Vista Alegre is an inspiration to other coffee growers in the Chapada Diamantina region, and a farm rightly gaining an international following.



    Region: Chapada Diamantina
    Processing: Natural
    Cultivar: Catuaí 144
    Elevation: 1,270 meters



    Tee Kategorie: Oolong 

    Kultivar: Cui Yu

    Oxidations Level: 15%

    Röstgrad: -

    Saison: Frühling

    Herkunft: Nantou, Taiwan

    Herstellung: per Hand gepflückt, maschinell gerollt



    • 3g per 250ml
    • Wassertemperatur 90°
    • 2 - 3 Minuten Ziehzeit
    • 1 - 2 Aufgüsse 
    • für Cold Brew geeignet - 4g je 500ml für 8 Stunden in den Kühlschrank



    • Our coffees go through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process, and we only share the coffees that have most captured our imaginations.
    • Each bag of Brazil Chácara Vista Alegre whole beans is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting.
    • All shipping emissions offset with investments in projects to reduce greenhouse gases.
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